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They decided to carry the foundational thought of indwelling God, which Pathshala has taken efforts to inculcate into the lives of people. About 3 and half lacs Swadhyees reached to about 45 lacs people with the vibrant thought of Trikal Sandhya, as given by Rev. Dadaji. Trikal Sandhya as Rev. Dadaji says is an atom bomb, apparently small in its application but mega in its manifestation. The blast of Trikal Sandhya does not annihilate humanity but creates true humans who are filled with gratitude towards God, who is generator and operator of life. Swadhyayees are convinced that this fact must be reminded to one's own self, atleast on three most auspicious moments of the day.

At dawn , when one awakes, God bestows the Gift of memory which fills human life with joy of living.

At the time of meal, once again, the Divine touch can be felt, when God energizes by converting meal of whatever kind into life energy.