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This was an unusual occasion to show our gratitude to the seat of discourse that emanated knowledge and imparted life education. Whole Swadhyaya Pariwar assembled in Mumbai on 24,25,26 January 1976. The Swadhyayees, who were feeling themselves esteemed in woking for a universal cause and convinced with the vision of Swadhyay, came on their own, spending from their own pocket.

They numbered almost 50,000. The congregation deliberated on various aspects of universal culture affecting the youth , woman and the religion. They came from fourteen states of India speaking different languages. It was clear that the philosophy of Swadhyaya cohere person speaking different languages and belonging to different cults. This was the great achievement of Bhav Milan Samaroh. On 26th of January, every year since 1976, Swadhyay Parivar while celebrating Yogeshwar Day, remembers fond memories of Bhavmilan Samaroh.